6. Royal History - 11:11

Vocal: Chandrakant Govekar (Goa - Pernem)
Ravanatha: Birbal Ji (Rajastan)

Chandrakant Govekar

One night in Arambol, Goa - in between the
rythms of the waves - I heard the most wonderfull
strange singing and I thought it was tape music.
But my friend Attila said:
"In Arambol everything is possible!"

So we chased the sounds in between
moon rays and palm trees ending up in a
private house. There we saw and heard
the man now singing on this track.

The Ravanata player
you can hear in a restaurant
in House Khaz in New Delhi.
India is full of emptiness.
And this emptiness can contain
everything, even westernization.

The tune starts in a peaceful classical
mood with Indian tabla. A destitute
10 year old boy plays the castagnettes.


Copyright Gunnar Mühlmann