Flute & “Micro” - Composer: Balbir Kumar
Producer & “Macro” - Composer: Gunnar Muhlmann

Balbir Kumar - India

You can meet Balbir Kumar as I met him in 1998:
In the subway near Wimpy on Connaught Place in New Delhi.
He will play a catchy tune on his flute and then try to sell a flute to you.
Balbir is a poor man not having his own bed to sleep on when night falls.
His flute is the pulsing heart blood on ZENTIMENTAL LOVESONGS.


Tribals from bastar - Unknown Instuments
Tribals from Shilla, Himalaya - Vocals
Ghazal Gypsies from Punjab - Vocals
 Train Stuart from New Delhi - Vocal
 Birbal Singh from Rajastan - Ravanatha
Cow Heard Bhim Singh from Jhari, Himalaya - Shennai
Small boy from karnataka, South India - Castagnettes
Shop owner Chandrakant Govekar from Pernem, Goa - Vocal
Sam Harley from England - Botleneck on Indian Instruments
Bo Stief from Denmark - Freetless Bass
Ms. X from Greece - Vocal
Attila from Germany - Vocal

All the Indian musicians on this CD are from the lower strata of society.
No one from the established music-scene can play as heartfelt as a Balbir Kumar.

This CD is dedicated to these deprived artists who indicate the huge unused or exploited
potential of the masses of India. As long as I manage to stay in contact with these
musicians they will get a share of the profit made on this music.

But the only place where the musicians on this CD ever meet is at the electronic crossroads
of a computer. And when they hear their own tunes in electronic and westernized rebirth
they smile and say: Is this me playing?

And actually it is no longer their tune. The themes have been cut into small motives and
put together as new post modern melodies including both modal and classical functional
harmonic cord-structures.

Thus a stronger feeling of the western classical concept of cadenza has been added
in the sense that the theme will find a home on a tonic chord followed by an energetic release.
The Indian musician tends to play his tune without the dynamic force that leads
a melody from A to B (and back to “home” to A again). He will play his tune in a way
that does not have any particular longing to go anywhere.

The movement is from A to A1, ever deeper in the A-moment. The Indian tune does not lead to
the Promised Land in the next bar like in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with its great sense of drive
and longing for future notes to release and dissolve the energy–tension of the moment. This cd
seeks to unite the eastern timeless vertical and the western time bound horizontal movement.

This is of course not the first project of its kind but it is a contribution to a digital multi-ethnic
platform where one can sit in peace and ease. Anywhere in the tune you can stop and relax.
You are free from the search of a future paradise - and yet there is a movement in time,
celebrating the fact that you don't have to go anywhere. This is for me true meditation:
time free “innerstanding” in joyous ease.   Gunnar Mühlmann

The destitute people of India
are for me most talented. This is not to glorify poverty but
to point at diamonds in Indian soil polished by bare feet for
more than 5000 years. This has made dust to DNA,
and thus entering as a divine blueprint through the
 lungs of backpackers complaining about 
pollution in New Delhi.

The rickshawallah is coming out of his plastic hut. 
He is not looking at his middleclass neighbour nearly
 running him down in his new Suzuki Maruti car.
Instead he lifts a singing face to the sky, 
a praise to the Lord - thanks to the creator

In spite of his crippled wife and to many 
children with dripping noses.

As a musician I know:
A man who can sing like
this has everything...
Then the wallah drives me to my
 destination, trying his level best to cheat God 
in the form of his first customer.

The young poor MC taxi driver in Goa 
takes me to Baga Beach.
He speakes of "Nirvikalpa Samadhi."
In my country this is University level philosophy.

I hope you will enjoy the music!
I is a reflection of my life long love for INDIA.

Kind regards from
Gunnar Mühlmann

Gunnar Mühlmann - Denmark