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Meditation music from Music4meditation can influence your brainwaves in such a way that you can experience profound relaxation. This will reduce your stress-levels, heal your body and increase your ability ability to learn.

Rewrite your brain with the right Meditation Music
In the quest for personal health, self development and growth the right kind of music is essential.
It is possible to rewrite negative beliefs into positive belief systems
with cutting edge meditation music and soundscapes from
Are you ready to change your life for the better with simple auditive means?

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My CD 'Delhi'

1. Train Journey Through Dilli - 6:12

2. Tea In The Alleys - 5:14

Regal Capital - 5:30

Temple Steps - 6:14

5. Reminiscing The Old City - 5:25

6. Royal History - 11:11

Dilli Bazar 8:29

8. Ghazal - 6:44

9. Love In Delhi - 4:26

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